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Deepak Raj

Background and Profile
Personal Journey started in 2002 when he decided to take up running to get fit and lose weight. Successfully changed his lifestyle and lost 30 kilos as part of the transformation.

Believes in following his heart and chasing his dreams. Positive and motivating individual, he is passionate about coaching and helping individuals meet their health and fitness goals.

Quit a successful corporate job after 14 years to pursue his passion for Triathlon and Fitness Coaching. Began a new chapter in his life by starting this company and now helps others as they start their journey and go after new challenges and goals.

International Experience having worked and participated in races across Australia, Germany , Japan , USA and India.

Mission is to popularise Triathlon in India. Working to support the aspiring Triathlon community in India.

Personal experience gained by improving fitness and performance over the years. Improvement of 2 hours in the Full Marathon finish times and more than 5 hours in the IronMan Triathlon races.

Karthik Nagaraj

Background and Profile

20 years of professional experience in different senior roles handling IT Infrastructure at large corporates.

Quit smoking and chose to change his lifestyle and took up running in 2013 and has lost more than 20 kilos as part of his lifestyle change

Deep knowledge on strength programs specific to running, have been into strength training since 2007.  

Passionately involved in mentoring a running group BURNERS (BU Runners) for the past 1 year and has been instrumental in growing and encouraging new runners.

Works closely with runners and has been pacing them in training and racing and keeping them motivated.

Aims to promote health lifestyle by promoting endurance sports by guiding and instilling confidence in many new people from all age groups.

Recently has taken up cycling and swimming and has made big strides in both areas and focused towards his IronMan Triathlon goals.

Vignan Rachabattuli

Background and Profile

Active athlete for the past 20 years and passionate about endurance sports.

Having learnt how to swim at age 5, he started early with his sports and athletic career and has won multiple medals during his school and college days in swimming, running and other events.

Works in the health and fitness industry and is a qualified professional.

Aims to promote health lifestyle through sport by focusing on preventive measures.

Passionate about sports and has been working hard to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle especially with the young athletes.

Took up Triathlon 2 years back and has made tremendous progress in his development with 11 th place in the recent National Games in India and a Top 10 finish in his age group in his debut IronMan 70.3 in Vietnam.

Over the course, he has been mentoring and working closely with the athletes in the Hyderabad region by being part of Triathlon camps and clinics.


Qualifications and Experience

Qualified and Accredited Coach for Running, Cycling, Swimming and Personal Fitness.

Founder and Full Time Coach providing professional service since 2013.

Certified Coach and Member of Triathlon Australia since 2013.

14 years of Running experience and 8 years of IronMan Triathlon experience

Qualifications and Experience

8 + years of experience with expert knowledge on strength training programs specific to running

2 + years of Running Experience

1 year of Cycling and Swimming Experience

Mentor and coordinator for BURNERS Running Group in Bangalore University region

Mentor and Anchor for Bangalore region athletes of Tri A New Life Coaching

Qualifications and Experience

Qualified in MBBS, Online Certification in Sports Physiology and in Diabetes, PGDMCH.

5 + years of Running Experience.

2 + years of Triathlon experience.

Mentor and Anchor for Hyderabad region athletes of Tri A New Life.


Athletic Achievements

Successfully completed 13 IronMan Triathlons (3.8 km swim, 180 km cycling, 42.2 km running) with a best time of 10 hrs 19 min and 08 sec.

Ranked #31 in world wide rankings for 2014 in IronMan Age Group Rankings (35 to 39 year age group)

Successfully completed 12 Marathons (42.2 km running) with a best time of 2 hrs 59 min and 53 sec.

Interested to chat and see how he can help you TRI A NEW LIFE. Mail him at Deepak@trianewlife.com

Athletic Achievements

Successfully completed 2 Full Marathons.

Multiple Half Marathon events and 10 km races.

Completed 50 Km Ultra events.

Completed Duathlon in Tri Thonnur in 2014.

Multiple 100m Cycling Rides

Interested to chat and see how he can help you TRI A NEW LIFE. Mail him at Karthik@trianewlife.com

Athletic Achievements

Winner of Triathlon Thonnur 2014.

Winner of Hyderabad Triathlon.

11th place at 35th National Games, India.

9th in his Age Group at his first Ironman 70.3 Vietnam.

Multiple medals and Podium finishes in events during his school and college duration and local races.

Completed 100 Km Ultra event.

Interested to chat and see how he can help you TRI A NEW LIFE. Mail him at Vignan@trianewlife.com






Arunabh Shah

Background and Profile
Arunabh is a former competitive swimmer and took up running in 2012 but has made great strides in his short tenure as a long distance runner winning 100 km Ultra and coming 6th in Mumbai Marathon. His best time in a marathon is 2:54:24 which has been achieved within just 3 years of him taking up running. This is a testament to his hard work and discipline which he also brings towards his mentoring and coaching. He has stepped up in to Ultra Running and also IronMan Triathlon in the past couple of years and is looking to take his triathlon to the ultimate level with his goal of finishing an UltraMan (2 x IronMan Distance)

I have run 6 Half Marathons, 2 Full Marathons and 3 Ultra Marathons.
Apart from that, I have completed 2, 200 km Cycling Brevets and an Ironman 70.3 Triathlon.

Subramani Venkatesh

Background and Profile

Subramani has a strong athletic background with more than 10 years experience. He has been a competitive runner for 4 years. He progressed in to IronMan Triathlon where has been extremely active for the past 4 years and raced multiple IronMan and Half IronMan races in USA and Canada. He has also been part of RAAM (Race Across America) which is widely recognised as the world’s toughest endurance cycling event as it involves 4800 kms of riding across USA. He was part of the winning 8 Man RAAM Team race in 2015. Based in USA, he has gained his knowledge working and training with the running and triathlon community in USA.

Rajan Thananayagam

Background and Profile

As a coach, I take a holistic approach to coaching by blending my life and career experiences with my athletic pursuits. As much as working towards bringing the best athlete in each of us, I am passionate about providing a transformational life experience through sports by helping my athletes to find the inspiration within.
I regard myself as a life long learner from reading and applying endurance training principles in my training regime as well as learning from my mistakes. I will impart the wisdoms from these learnings to my athletes to enrich their journey.
One part of my corporate life I always enjoyed was coaching and mentoring my team members so that they connect to their higher purpose and help them to bring out the best in them. I apply this philosophy when coaching and guiding my athletes to their racing, health and fitness goals.


Qualifications and Experience

15 years of Swimming including competitive swimming
4 years of Running Experience ranging from Half Marathons to Marathons to 100 km Ultras
3 years of Cycling Experience including Brevets of 200 and 250 km events
2 years of Triathlon Experience and successfully completed IronMan (3.8 km swim, 180 km cycling, 42.2 km running) and Half IronMan Triathlon events.
Anchor and Mentor for Delhi based runners and triathletes

Experience and Credentials
10 years of Running Experience
4 years of Competitive Running Experience
4 years of IronMan Triathlon Experience
Fastest IronMan Time by an Indian with a time of 9 hrs 59 min
Deep knowledge of Triathlon races and conditions in USA and Canada with 4 years of training and racing experience in the region.
Mentoring and Coaching Runners and Cyclists and Anchor for US and Canada region.

Experience and qualifications
Extensive running experience
5 years of Ironman Triathlon racing and training experience
Adventure racing and adventure sports
Strength and conditioning
Trained as a Life Coach
Worked with Top Triathlon, High Performance and Multisport Coaches
Member of Triathlon Australia (TA) since 2011.


Athletic Achievements

6th place in SCMM 2015 (2:56:24)
Multiple Top 10 finishes in Half Marathons across India.
Winner of 100 km Ultra Event and Podium finishes in other Ultra events.
Multiple Brevet Cycling Events including a best time of 7 hrs 32 min for 200 km Brevet.
Personal Best Timings of other running events are below
5 km : 17:16
10 km : 34:50
Half Marathon : 1:20:16
Marathon : 2:56:24
50 km : 4:05:40
100 km : 15:16:10

Interested to chat and see how he can help you TRI A NEW LIFE. Mail him at arunaabhshah@gmail.com

Athletic Achievements
3 Ironman Triathlons with a best time of 9 hrs and 59 min
RAAM (Race Across America) 8 Man Team Finisher
Multiple Half IronMan (70.3 ) races
Multiple Half Marathons with a best time of 1 hr 22 min
Marathon Personal Best Time of 3 hrs 25 min (IronMan Marathon)
Personal Best Time for 5 Km - 18 min 27 sec

Interested to chat and see how he can help you TRI A NEW LIFE. Mail him at subbuv31@comcast.net

Athletic Achievements
11 x Full-distant Ironman Finisher (and still counting) in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia
2nd year in a row ranked in the top 1% of my age group in the World Ironman Age-Group ranking -ranked 47th in 2015 and only Sri Lankan!!
Multiple 70.3 Ironman and Standard Distance (i.e. Olympic) triathlon finisher
Adventure racing including completing 48-hour GeoQuest Adventure race in Australia
2 x Sydney Marathon and multiple half marathon finisher
An avid whitewater kayaker having experience in Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka
A former Contemporary Western Ballet Dancer

Interested to chat and see how he can help you TRI A NEW LIFE. Mail him at rajan_tk@hotmail.com